My primary concern is running the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and managing the Institutes Global Portfolio. I set the Institute up in 2010 after receiving literally thousands of messages globally from people that watched the BBC TV show “Million Dollar Traders.” It took me almost a year to respond to all of the messages. The vast majority of messages asked me if I was available to teach or mentor people in how to become successful in Trading and Investment. I didn’t want to take the usual route of teaching none-sense trading strategies to people.

Having worked on the professional side of trading at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and J.P. Morgan I can tell you categorically, that almost everything you are taught by brokers and trading educators is rubbish and will never make you a successful trader. This is why 90% of retail traders never stay solvent. If I take this approach, it is not good for people wanting to learn how to trade properly and clearly not good for my own reputation. If you teach rubbish, you will eventually get found out, and in today’s internet world the last thing I want is my professional reputation tarnished. I take trading and teaching trading very seriously.



In 2010 I sat down and went to work on building a trading course that is understandable to everyone and will make everybody proficient in trading. After going on the road for 3 months around the U.K. it became obvious that 95% of what I was teaching was understandable. I then started recruiting seminar delegates to become Institute Traders. After two years of being on the road, I’ve now managed to teach over 4,500 people, 1100 of which have furthered their trading education on more advanced courses. 85 have become Institute Traders, that trade with their own money globally. We have now just started investing in our top traders and have funds available for anybody that goes through the Institute program and is available to trade remotely. I’m very proud that we have managed to achieve this in such a short space of time. I don’t listen to the doubters and certainly don’t listen to sceptics and cynics that aim low and spend their lives on the wrong path and in denial. I have a job to do. To teach my students everything I know in Trading and to make them successful. Everything else is noise.

In May 2013, I launched the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements, online Professional Trading Masterclass Video Series. This video series is a culmination of 3 years work, experiencing and delivering the highest level of trading education available globally. By spending 3 years on the road, I have perfected the vocal delivery of all key professional trading concepts and processes to a more main stream audience, so that everyone can understand how to trade in the same way that real professional traders do at the vast majority of Hedge Funds and Investment Banks. I set out to create the most comprehensive online trading course available in the world and i’m proud to say that I have even surpassed my own expectations. You will not find a more comprehensively structured online trading course available anywhere in the world.


If you would like to know more about the Professional Trading Masterclass Video Series then feel free to CLICK HERE. Additionally if you would like to know more information on Institute seminars and mentoring programs then please visit the ITPM and Seminar sections of this website. If you would like more information on the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management then please go tohttp://www.instutrade.com or simply click HERE to be redirected.

Thanks again for visiting my personal website. I hope you find the content and the occasional blogs useful. If you would like to get in contact about anything, just fill out the contact form on this site and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.



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